Memories of Thursley

Memories are a huge part of our daily narrative. Brought into these day-to-day activities of memory is now technology. Instead of remembering a moment people, in my generation, generally grab their phone to record the moment. So I was wondering what this does to our memory and how do these things work together?

After developing various ideas, I created a mock up of a final user interface. The base of the narrative are my paintings, which are of various memories from the areas surrounding Thursley (where I grew up). The size of the canvas relates directly to the size of the memory. For example the largest canvas is of the field opposite our house where I spent most days helping my grandmother and have many memories.

When you scan your phone over the painted (using AR) the equivalent digital image shows over the top. The slow reveal of the image represents the change between unclear and clear memories. The audio also reveals other narrative layers to the memory, adding another dimension. See the final user interface mock up below.

Outcome ︎

Helena Traill © 2021.
London, United Kingdom.